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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Framing Solutions for Home Trends

As home building and design trends have evolved over the past few decades, home furnishings have evolved to keep pace with an ever-changing market. Custom framing should also adapt to these changes. In today's blog we'll explain how to incorporate wall decor into your home by showing popular building and design trends and then giving you a framing solution to help your art relate to it's environment.

Trend-Open Floor Plans

Framing Solution= Open floor plans mean less wall space between rooms, hence less space to hang your artwork. Consider using alternative wall space, such as an upper wall space shown above. You can also use easels to display framed art, place small framed pieces in a bookshelf or on a tabletop.

Trend-High Ceilings

Framing Solution= In rooms with high ceilings the best solution is to hang a collection of artwork vertically instead of horizontally in a group. If you have two vertical pieces hang them one on top of the other, or you can layer several framed images as shown above. Also consider bottom weighting the mat to elongate the artwork and fill the vertical space.

Trend-More Windows

Framing Solution= Windows take up space where framed art might otherwise hang. Consider using unexpected spaces to hang your framed pieces, such as on the side of a built-in bookcase, or a closet door. Also, be sure to use conservation materials to protect your artwork from UV rays.

Trend-Loft-Style Living

Framing Solution = More and more homes are being built with materials such as concrete and metal, keeping the overall effect very minimal and clean. This is one of my favorite trends and I love the way this apartment has used the little bit of wall space it has to make a huge impact. Notice how the perfectly hung grid mimics the industrial style of the window as well as the shapes in the cabinets and furniture. There are 16 pieces in all, but the organization keeps it simple.

Trend-Colorful Walls

Framing Solution = This is a trend that goes in and out of style so often it's hard to keep track. But if you are bold enough to have brightly colored walls the best solution is to use neutral mats, such as black or white, that will look good on any background, in case you change your mind!

Trend - Shabby Chic

Framing Solution=Shabby Chic is a great way to take things that might be tossed out and revamp them to fit in your home. It's the same when framing something for a Shabby Chic style room. Vintage finds are great for this type of decor, and at a local flea market you are bound to find some keepers. If they need re-framing, many frame shops have collections of frames that reflect the shabby chic style. Another tip is to find several framed pieces that can go together on a wall in a "random" grouping like the photo above.