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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

19 and counting...

Yes, it's true. There are only 19 days until Christmas! I still can't believe it's that time of year again, and for me, the best way to get in the Holiday spirit is shopping for others. There is something about finding the perfect gift for my loved ones that really gets me excited. I'd like to take a few minutes of your time and show you a few of my favorite things at Frameworks right now.

I love original art and if you have someone on your list that does too, we have some beautiful paintings to choose from in all different price ranges.

From top left to bottom right: Harbor Scene by Jeng Xiao $750 (framed), Beachbrellas by Susan Muller Chase, $300, Portofino by Martha Cristel $625, Chatter Blue by Susan Muller Chase $520

It would be hard to find a man out there that doesn't love antique maps. We have some really great coastal maps and nautical charts. These are always a big hit, especially if you spend a lot of time at the coast, fishing or boating.

From top to bottom: Antique Map ca. 1855 of Smith's Island (now Bald Head Island) $500, Antique Map of S. Carolina Coast ca. 1853 $180

Almost anyone on your list can use a beautiful photo frame or photo album. New moms & dads, brides, graduates, grandparents...the list goes on. We have some beautiful decorative photo frames and just recently we added a great line of photo albums!

Photo albums: $20, Photo Frames: $35-$48

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Frameworks!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Take care of your Art and it will take care of you.

I'm warning you now, don't read this blog if you actually want to learn something...

At Frameworks we feel it's time the general public learned a little about what ruins artwork on paper, and how to prevent it from happening. Whether it's a print or an original the damage done by lack of knowledge or neglect is usually irreversible.

Did you know that more art prints are destroyed in one decade by a lack of knowledge about the proper care and conservation than by wars and natural catastrophes. Let's talk about the dangers first and then we can learn how to prevent them.

1. Light
Claude Monet was an avid collector of Japanese woodblock prints. He framed them and hung them on the walls of his home. Today his home is a museum and you can see how these prints look like after a little more than a hundred years. The colors are completely faded out - destroyed by light! Exposing prints to direct sunshine but also artificial light from bulbs is one of the worst and most frequent mistakes. Even with UV protective glass, prints are not 100% safe from dangerous rays. If at all possible, try and keep your more valuable artwork out of direct light.

2. Humidity
Humidity causes molding and foxing. Foxing is characterized by ugly brownish spots sprinkled over the print. Storing art prints in a basement with high humidity and without air circulation will inevitably cause damage. Furthermore, humidity attracts pests like silverfish - another danger for your fine art print.

3. Heat
Until the second half of the twentieth century, central heating was unknown in most houses and apartments and heating energy was expensive. Today most homes have at least one heating radiator in each room and are chronically over-heated during the winter time. A permanent humidity below 40 percent will dry out the paper and make it brittle.
Museums keep a constant temperature in their exhibition rooms. Extreme temperature fluctuations cause expansion and contractions of paper and makes it uneven.

4. Pollution
Pollution comes in the form of acids in papers and furniture, dust, dirt or the sweating from your hands. Also insects as a kind of natural pollution fall into this category.
Acids can be in the paper on which your etching or lithograph was printed or it can be in the mat or folder paper. It causes the colors to bleach out and it causes discoloration of the paper. Of course, you have no influence on the paper of your print. It should be acid-free. Maybe the most endurable paper is the Japanese handmade washi paper.
Now, how to prevent these dangers from affecting your artwork....


But what does that mean exactly?

Basically, that means that a professional, standard archival, quality frame shop will only use 100% cotton rag or other all natural and reversible materials in their mats and appropriate archival protective processes for framing. Framers who offer archival framing services will only use linen tape, for example, to secure the work of art to the mat so it does not shift in the frame. They should never use cellophane tape or masking tape or another adhesive such as basic glue to hold down a work of art within a frame. You should ask about this procedure and the framer, a good one anyway, will tell you that they are using the proper materials. Don't be embarrassed, just ask the questions so you get your work framed properly.

Here is a cheat sheet on questions to ask your custom framer as you're shopping around. I'm always surprised how many people get quotes for framing and have no idea what they are actually paying for. The hints are in parenthesis.

1.Do you offer and provide acid free mat board when framing?
(Most framers do!)

2.Is there an extra charge for acid free mat board?
(The answer is typically Yes since acid mats are usually more costly, but they are worth it.)

3.Is this frame solid wood?
(Solid hardwoods are expensive, but worth it in terms of protection. This is a cost and personal preference issue.)

4.Is this a molding made from another material? If so, what material?
(This is a cost question and you should know what you're getting. Are you getting glued together sawdust? plaster? something other than solid wood?)

5.Is it ok to drymount my valuable antique or work of art?
(drymounting is fine for inexpensive pieces like posters, if you are sure you only have a poster, but for valuable or original works it is a No-No as it reduces value significantly.)

6.Is that gold frame that I selected a gilded frame?
(Make sure you are not getting a gold frame and paying for gilding. A gilded frame is one which has had pieces of gold leaf applied to the frame. This is usually done by highly skilled artisans. A gold frame that is not gilded may be a very good frame at a competitive price, but it just may not be a gilded frame.)

7.How do you secure the work or piece to the mat?
(An excellent option is linen tape.)

8.Will there be space between your object and the frame?
(You do not want your object right up against the glass. A mat or invisible spacer provides the necessary space you need between your object and the glass.)

9.Are you using glass with a framing project that includes a textile or fabric like a sampler or sports jersey?
(Although you see it done everywhere and it may keep the dust out, the glass creates an environment that traps heat and moisture which will ruin your piece over time.)

10.How much is the mat?
(Depends on size of the piece being framed and archival qualities of the mat.)

11.How much is the labor cost?
(Depends on frame size, number of cuts in the mat, quality of the products)

12.How much is the frame itself?
(Wood frames are usually more expensive than metal frames or composition frames. Size impacts cost as does details, form or style, gilding, handcrafted frames, specialty stains, carving techniques.)

13.What is the difference in price between UV glass and regular glass?
(Typically, UV glass will cost about 40% more than regular glass.)

Ask as many questions as you like and if the framer doesn't answer your questions or explain the process well or to your satisfaction, go to another framer. I would bet that no matter where you live, there is more than one framer in your town.

At Frameworks www.frameworksonline.com we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have and be totally up front and honest about our pricing. We do not add additional mark-ups just so we can provide a deep discount, or a buy one get one free promotion like the bigger box stores. We simply provide the highest quality custom framing at the best price.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Art of Gifting

With only 38 days until Christmas(yikes!), it's time to start thinking about what to give all of the special people in your life. There is nothing like giving and/or receiving a gift from the heart, one that has obviously been thought through and makes that person feel special. Today I'd like to make a few suggestions for gifts that will be treasured for years to come and certainly won't need to be returned or exchanged. So, who are you shopping for? Keep reading because we've got everyone on your list covered!

Any new mom or dad would love a framed photo of their bundle of joy, and honestly, most don't have the time (or energy) to do it themselves. Framed baby announcements also make sweet and thoughtful gifts for new parents.

Do you have newlyweds in the family? Grab one of their wedding photos and frame it up! It could be a snapshot that you took that day, or a professional photo of the bride and groom. Either way, it is sure to have a special place in their home.

Maybe someone special has just graduated? A framed diploma is a wonderful way to show just how proud you are of them. Framed graduation portraits and school memorabilia also make great gifts.

Married to a sports fanatic? Nothing says "I love you & your favorite football team too" like framing sports memorabilia. Autographed jerseys like this one are always a hit!

Maybe someone in your family just bought a new home? What's better than new artwork for their bare walls? Original paintings, posters or prints, whatever your budget, they are sure to appreciate such a thoughtful gift. At Frameworks we carry several local, national and international artists as well as posters, prints and giclees. You are sure to find just the right thing, like this beautiful painting by Susan Muller Chase, which right now are 20% off!

And finally, for the proud grandparent. Nothing will delight them more than their grandchild's latest masterpiece beautifully framed. It is sure to be hung up immediately and showed off often!

Stop by Frameworks today and let us help you make this holiday season one you will never forget! Don't stress over a time frame...we can get your holiday framing done in 10 days or less.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Emerging Artists Show

to come into view, as from concealment or obscurity

Artists Reception
June 1st, 2011
Frameworks Gallery
1520 Dixie Trail
Raleigh, NC
(919) 781-3118

We are so excited to be hosting these four very talented, up and coming artists at Frameworks for the month of June!

Ellen Douglas
Mary Ward Boerner
Sarah Bridger
Emily Soldin Howard

top by Wednesday, June 1st from 6:30-9:00 to meet and mingle with the artists, have a glass
of wine and purchase some beautiful artwork! The artwork will hang in the gallery through July.

View more artwork and event details on our Facebook page: Click HERE

Artwork below by Emily Soldin Howard:

Artwork below by Sarah Bridger

Photographs below by Ellen Douglas

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monograms? Yes, please

In the spirit of the season...wedding season that is, today's blog is all about monograms. What says "together forever" better than the newly betrothed's last initial plastered all over everything they own? Towels, check. Sheets, check. Bathrobes, check. Plates, silver, crystal...you get the picture. Of course, all of that has been done, many, many times before. So here's a artsy and unique way to show the happy couple how special they are to you. Simply put, it's alphabet art!

"E, decorative" from the Biltmore collection, Artaissance website

"C" from Alphabet photography

Monday, April 18, 2011

Framer Spotlight: Frames by Edward Wright

Edward Wright founded Frames by Edward Wright in 1973. Wright works with three other artisans in a open, airy shop in an old textile mill in Hillsborough, NC. There they build frames from scratch, using materials and tools that have been around for hundreds of years. Basswood moulding. Gesso. Chisels. Gold leaf. Squirrel hair brushes. Agate-tipped burnishing tools. Shellac made from secretions of the female lac bug. Very few shops make frames from scratch- a technique referred to as closed-corner framing because the corner seams are invisible. Each frame is made from start to finish by one artisan and the result is a one-of-a-kind frame that perfectly suits the artwork it surrounds. We are proud to carry Frames by Edward Wright frames at Frameworks. These frames are perfect for portraits, original paintings and anything that holds a special place in your home or your heart.

An example of Edward Wright's work
12k white gold, rounded corners, perfectly suited to the painting

Italian style frame with scrafetto in corners, gold leaf on lip and back

Me, at Edward Wright's studio at a workshop where I got to make my own frame!

Visit www.framesbyedwardwright.com to learn more!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning = Big Sale

We are gearing up for a HUGE spring cleaning sale tomorrow, Friday, April 9th from 10-2 at Frameworks! All of our artwork will be marked down 50% off retail. There are tons of beautiful paintings to choose from, so you'll be sure to find something that strikes your fancy!

Here's a small taste of what's in the sale. You can check out even more on our Facebook page all you have to do is click HERE

Abstract Oil 24x24, framed
Was $1100 now $550

Charleston Battery 36x48
was $1200 now $600

Sailboat Oil, framed
was $375 now $187.50

Italian Harbor Oil 24x30
was $675 now $337.50

Sale is at Frameworks Gallery
1520 Dixie Trail
Raleigh, NC 27607

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mirror, Mirror...

There is nothing quite as elegant as a beautiful mirror in an entry way or powder room. At Frameworks we have access to some of the most exquisite framed mirrors I have ever seen. We can also custom make mirrors in any size from any of our thousands of mouldings. Here are a few of my favs!

Essex English Chippendale Mirror by APF Munn
Hand Carved and absolutely stunning
Villa Capri Italian Rococo Mirror by APF Munn

Gonzaga Floral Mirror by APF Munn

La Mer by APF Munn

Enjoy the view!

All of these mirrors are available from Frameworks Gallery www.frameworksonline.com

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding Art in Fashion: Art That Fits Your Style

As the weather gets warmer and spring starts to, well, spring. I start to think about several things. Being a woman, my first thought is: I can't wait to update my wardrobe and get rid of all this bulky winter clothing. The dreaded 2nd thought: I've got to do some serious spring cleaning to actually be able to see the inside of my closets. And the third and most fun: It's time to do some redecorating and freshen up my place. So, in honor of all my favorite designers and their fantastic Spring collections, today's blog is about:

Art in Fashion: Finding art that fits your fashion style

There are so many fabulous trends right now in the fashion world. I want to show you how easy it is to incorporate your fashion style into how you decorate your home. Take a look through the top spring fashion trends and find the fit that's right for you!

Fashion trend #1: 70's glam
This trend infuses vivid colors and bold patterns with a free-spirited aesthetic. Your artwork can do the same thing. Pops of color can brighten up your wardrobe as well as your walls. The way to make this trend work with your decor is to use art and accessories to provide color and pattern, but keep your furnishings clean and contemporary.
Gucci Spring 2011

Using a mostly white pallet is a good mix for the bold colors and patterns of the artwork.

Fashion trend #2: Biker Chic

This trend is all about blending naughty with nice. Leather & silk, studs & lace, motorcycle jackets over cocktail dresses. The way to incorporate Biker Chic into your home is to blend your styles in a way that is unconventional and surprising.

Motorcycle Jacket by Burberry

Pairing a contemporary painting with a very traditional chair like this Louis XV style is a great way to incorporate Biker Chic style into your home decor.

The sweetness of the painting against the sleek lines of this black leather and metal couch would really tap into the naughty & nice aspect of biker chic.

Fashion trend #3: Punk Fashion
The Punk Fashion Trend is all about shock and controversy. It's best to not take this look full-blown (a la Ke$ha) but to add elements of the trend in your current wardrobe. To take this look into your home, I would recommend purchasing paintings and accessories that have a lot of shock value and tone down your furnishings with clean lines and minimal color.

The bold color and frenzied design in the painting by Foust would add a Punk feel to a the clean white & grey furnishings above.

Fashion trend#4: Eclectic Chic

This trend is meant to be classy and subtle, yet eye catching. Like wearing a girlie dress in a bold electric blue and throwing on some chunky jewelry to mix it up. So when I think Eclectic Chic for you home, I think of a collection of many things brought together by a common thread, that thread being that they are treasured and collected over time. Eclectic homes to me, are always the most warm and welcoming.

Juan Carlos Obando

This room would look great with a bright & bold painting, like the one above. Eclectic Chic at it's best!

This bold wall color calls for a more subdued print or painting, like the one above. A great place for the eclectic chic look is a bedroom or guest bedroom.